Friday, February 13, 2009

Things a Lonely Heart Club Blogger Loves

So my stepmother, Mommy, I'm Home was nice enough to plug my blog on her list of things she loves to hate. Because I am going to need all the positive energy I can get this weekend, I have chosen a list of seven things I love.

1. My best friend, Ace (a dog)

2. My parents (all four of them)

3. Playing guitar. You can watch me 24 hours a day on my YouTube Channel

4. My baby sister, Kai (also known as the Midget, or Midge)

5. Tattoos. Mainly mine, but I can appreciate good art anywhere.

6. Yoga. Strength, flexibility and peace of mind all rolled onto one mat.

7. Having a Democrat in the White House... oh yeah, and a majority in the House and Senate. Most of all I love that I didn't have to lose another election (Sorry, John, Jim and Miriam).

I'm tagging three family members because, currently, those are the only people I know with blogs.

My Grannie, serenechaos. My beautiful baby cousin, Bernie. And my uncle Andy.

I'd tell you all how to play along, but since anyone that sees this already knows my step-mom, just visit her blog to learn the rules.

Happy V-Day to all of you!



  1. Ugh... You're going to force me to do a things I love blog now...

  2. I like this. I couldn`t tag anyone because all the ones I know already are. Love Granny